Qui Tam

Qui tam is a legal term made use of to explain sound blower claims. Qui Tam is in fact an abbreviation for the Latin expression “qui tam pro domino rege quam professional seipse,” meanings “he who demands the king when it comes to himself.”

Qui tam, or sound blower, claims were established to permit workers to bring suits against their companies for defrauding the federal government. If a worker understands their company defrauding the federal government, they could file a claim, helping the federal government in recovering the funds they should have, and recovering settlement for bringing the suit.

Qui tam claims are now simpler for informants or staff members to file, however there are lots of hard statutes that need to be followed in order for the claim to be settled. If the claim is settled, nevertheless, the worker or informant is generally granted a portion of the overall quantity recovered by the federal government.

If you are a staff member of a company or medical care center that is defrauding the federal government, you might have the ability to file a qui tam claim and be rewarded for coming forward with your details, and you could additionally serve the general public by stopping fraudulence.

If you have details about fraudulence against the federal government in your work environment, contact a seasoned qui tam lawyer today. A qui tam lawyer will assist you follow all the appropriate statutes and recover settlement for your claim.